Coronavirus Antibody Testing in Dedham

COVID-19 antibody testing is now offered at AFC Urgent Care Dedham. Known as SARS-CoV-2 AB, antibody testing is performed via a blood draw with results processed and available to you within 48 hours. 

Who is eligible for antibody testing?

Patients who have been asymptomatic for at least fourteen days are eligible for antibody testing. Symptoms that must have dissipated or resolved include cough, headache and fever. 

What is the difference between antibody testing and molecular testing?

While molecular testing, performed with a nasal swab, can detect the active COVID-19 virus, a blood test can detect if antibodies have been formed two weeks after initial exposure. Antibody testing cannot be performed on patients with the active COVID-19 infection.
The FDA has not approved of antibody testing, but has approved it for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

What can I expect when I go to AFC Urgent Care Dedham for testing?

We ask that you wear a mask when coming to AFC Urgent Care Dedham for testing. If more than six people are in the waiting room, we may ask that you wait outside in your car in order to practice social distancing. Prior to your blood draw, one of our physicians will go over your symptoms and timeline as well as the limitations of the test and interpretation of the results.

What could my results mean?

No matter what your results indicate, it is important to make sure you follow local and federal guidelines to maintain your health and safety, as well as the safety of others. Current regulations are available on the state health department website. 
A positive antibody test result may indicate that you have been exposed to coronavirus, likely COVID-19 due to the limited prevalence of other strains.
Negative test results can indicate that you have not been exposed to the virus, or that you have been exposed within the last ten days and have not had time to develop an immune response.
For more information on how antibody test results are being interpreted and the level of protection you may have against further COVID-19 infection, please visit the CDC website.