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How to Stop Seasonal Allergies

Over 16 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. They can make your eyes water and itch and keep you sneezing all day. In order to stop seasonal allergies, it’s important to know what triggers them. The physicians with AFC Urgent Care Dedham can provide all patients with the best allergy treatment options this season. Visit us today to get your seasonal allergies under control. In the meantime, here are a few ways to stop your allergies this Spring.

Over-the-counter medications

There are a few different OTC medications a patient can try that can help with seasonal allergies. Zyrtec and Claritin both block histamines, which cause sneezing, a runny nose, and congestion. Both of these medications will not make you drowsy, so they are okay to use during the day. If your allergies still flare up at night and make it difficult to sleep, Benadryl is another OTC medication that offers the same benefits while making you drowsy and able to sleep. 

Prescription medications are also available if these OTC medications do not work. Our physicians can provide you with prescription allergy medication if you are not able to make an appointment with your primary care physician but need immediate help. Our physicians will give you the best treatment options depending on how severe your allergy symptoms are. 

Close your windows or spend less time outside

One of the major allergy triggers in the Spring season is pollen. Of course, when outside, using other forms of medication can help relieve allergy symptoms, but shutting the windows in your home can help you when inside. By leaving the windows open, the allergens are getting into your home, and using medication just masks the root of the problem. This can also lead to symptoms happening throughout the night and making it difficult to sleep. Fresh air is a good thing, but it’s best in moderation when dealing with allergies. 

Try allergy immunotherapy

For severe allergies and all other options do not help, allergy shots are available. Also called immunotherapy, the shot helps to stimulate your immune system to help it fight off the allergens and become desensitized. Immunotherapy is known to help lessen the symptoms and make allergy attacks less frequent. It is important to note that immunotherapy is a commitment, and it can take years of consistent shots to see substantial results. Be sure to try all other forms of allergy treatment before turning to immunotherapy. The physicians with AFC can help provide you with the best options when dealing with allergies.