Why You Should Convince Your Friends to Get the Flu Shot

Having a discussion with your friends about the flu shot may not exactly sound like your idea of a fun Friday night, but it’s essential to make sure you have the discussion one night of the week. The flu is a vaccine that should be received every year during flu season, which is right now! Check out these interesting facts you can share to help convince your friends to get vaccinated. 
The Flu Shot is Very Effective
If you hear a friend questioning the effectiveness of the vaccine, you can tell them that the flu shot is actually very useful. In fact, it reduces your chances of getting the flu by 80%. If a simple shot can help to lower your chances of getting sick by an impress 80%, why not get the shot?! 
You Will Not Get Sick from a Flu Shot 
Another common misconception is that the flu shot can actually make you sick. If your friends believe this, you can reassure them that there’s no truth behind it. The vaccination is given using a small dose of the virus in a non-infective state. That means that there’s no possibility of getting sick from the shot itself. The only way to catch the flu is through contact with another person already who’s infected. 
Your Past Flu Shots Aren’t Enough 
Remind your friends that even if they got a flu shot last year, they still need to get another this year. Flu shots are only good for one year, this is because the make-up of the flu strain changes each year slightly. As the virus changes, the vaccines have to be changed as well. 
Convince Your Friends to Protect Yourself
Now that you’re armed with the facts, it’s your responsibility to pass them on. Convincing your friends to get their flu shots will drastically decrease your risk of being exposed to or contracting the flu. If everyone in your circle is vaccinated, there will be nowhere to catch the virus from! 
Remember that you should receive your own annual flu vaccine too, even if your friends are protected. You can get vaccinated through an urgent care, walk-in clinic, or primary care provider. Get out there and get a conversation started with your friends today. After all, open conversation and communication is the only way to convince anyone of anything!