Three Ways to Easily Renew your DOT Physical Certification

truck driver CDL
Whether you’ve been driving commercial vehicles for a long time now, or you’re just about to start this new adventure in your career, a few things are a given. For one, the work is steady, and many enjoy the trips and experience of the road. Another given is the DOT physical. The Department of Transportation requires all drivers to undergo a physical to determine a few key things. For starters, the material points to the fitness of the driver, in terms of ability to get their job done safely and efficiently. Furthermore, the natural look at medical history to determine if an issue might prevent safe driving from occurring, even in the event of an accident. If it’s time to get your DOT physical done or renew it to continue driving, here are three easy ways to make the process much smoother. 

Three Ways to Make Renewing your DOT Physical a Breeze

Any Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is going to require you to take a DOT physical. In this process, a doctor helps determine if you are fit to drive. Renewing the physical certification for your CDL can be a hassle, but not if you follow these three easy tips.

Arrive Prepared with Medical History

Something you can do to save time for everyone is to prepare your medical history. Of course, you will need something more official than just a list of things that you remember taking in the past, or ailments that have occurred. If you are getting the physical done at a new doctor’s office, call your former care provider and ask that they fax over the information. This way, it’s all ready to go, and they don’t have to do this work once you’ve already arrived. 

Call Ahead for Drug Testing

Many employers for CDL drivers require a drug test to ensure they will not be under any influence while on the job. This is separate from the physical, so make sure to call ahead and ensure they know you will need a drug test. This way, they’re ready for you when they arrive, and they don’t have to wonder if they’ve got a room in their schedule for you at the lab. 

Fill Out Pre-Registration

Paperwork in the waiting room ahead of a physical takes up time. A lot of places now offer online pre-registration that gets that info taken care of and out of the way. 
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