What Should You Do If You Suffer an Eye Injury?

eye injury
If you have ever suffered an eye injury, you know how much it can hurt. Therefore, the biggest thing you want to do is prevent an eye injury from occurring in the first place. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Dedham wants to offer you tips on how you can keep your vision healthy and your eyes injury-free this summer.

What Are Some Eye Injury Symptoms?

It may seem hard to believe, but it can be very difficult to determine if an eye injury has occurred. That’s because while some injuries are very visible, some are less obvious.
Difficulty opening the eyelids, an inability to see or blurred vision, not able to move the affected eye or the unaffected eye, bloodied white portion of the eye, enlarged pupils, or a cut or torn eyelid are all relatively common symptoms of eye injury. If you have any of these, seek medical attention.

Steps for Treating Eye Injuries

  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eye.
  • Do not apply pressure to your eye.
  • Try not to remove anything from your eye that looks to be stuck.
  • Avoid using ointment or medication before seeing a physician.
  • Use a patch over the eye until receiving medical attention.

How Often Do Eye Injuries Happen at Work?

Each year, some 200,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace somewhere in the United States. The good news is—like with eye injuries overall, workplace eye injuries are usually largely preventable.
That’s why it is important to stay aware while you’re working and follow other basic safety guidelines.

What to Do to Prevent Workplace Eye Injuries

  • Use proper eye protection.
  • Know the dangers associated with your job position.
  • Eliminate hazards where possible to protect your vision.
  • Wear safety goggles with side protection for additional safety.

Did you suffer an eye injury? Stop by AFC Urgent Care Dedham today for a medical evaluation.