Individuals in Phase 1 and Phase 2 (Groups 1 & 2) are eligible to receive the vaccine. Please refer to this list of eligible patients for more information.

COVID vaccine appointments are currently unavailable.

The Right Time To Get A Travel Vaccination

Summer is officially here and that means for most of us our anticipated once a year vacation is around the corner! AFC Urgent Care Dedham is here to give you some advice on creating your “to do” list before you it is time to leave for your trip! Traveling unrepaired without the right vaccinations can be extremely dangerous! If you are not carefull your dream getaway can turn into a long-term hospital visit. The most important part about traveling is making sure you are up to date with the correct vaccinations!

What Are Travel Vaccinations?

Travel vaccinations are a type of vaccinations that are geared toward specific diseases that are prominent in the specific country you are going to travel too.  Depending on the country you may need to get one or multiple vaccinations. Diseases that may not exist in America anymore can still exist in other parts of the world. This is due to lack of health care rules, different governments ext. If you are unsure which vaccinations you should get, please feel free to consult one of our medical health care providers that we have here on site. They will assist you with what vaccinations you will need in order to travel to that specific country.

Why are Vaccinations important?

Vaccinations play an important role not only in your own personal safety but the safety of everyone else around you and after you come home from your vacation. Your personal safety is at risk when you don’t vaccinate yourself because you are leaving yourself exposed to getting a foreign disease. Foreign diseases can leave you with diarrhea or in some cases they can lead to death. Without a vaccination, something as simple as drinking water can leave you infected.  If you catch a disease and bring it home with you; you are now putting everyone you come in contact with at risk. Most likely the people back home that you around do not have the vaccinations for the disease you may be carrying because they did not travel with you.

Getting Vaccinated

Getting Vaccinated is relatively easy. At AFC Urgent Care Dedham you must call ahead to make sure we have the correct vaccinations you will need. If we do not we can refer you to a clinic that will have the correct vaccinations. There is no excuse to not be vaccinated! Please make sure you put getting your travel vaccinations at the top of your to-do list this summer!