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Veggies to Include in a Spring Diet

Losing weight is not the only reason to make a change in diet. In reality, everyone could likely be eating more beneficial foods for overall health and digestion. As Spring begins to bring fresh, colorful produce into home gardens and grocery stores, April and May serve as a great reminder to be incorporating more veggies into breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Veggies to Start Off Healthy for Spring

Even if veggies are already a part of a healthy diet, there is always room for improvement. These delicious greens are some of the most beneficial foods to kickstart a high Spring season.

Fill Up with Low-Calorie Artichokes

An underutilized vegetable, artichokes are one of the most unique textures and flavors in the entire food group. Due to their dense and crunchy nature, they are usually eaten slowly, meaning that the body and brain work together to feel full faster. As opposed to more leafy veggies, artichokes are much more filling. Luckily, that added fullness does not come with a higher calorie count. The average artichoke is only 50 to 60 calories, making them a healthy way to fill up fast. They are also rich in fiber, making them a must eat for Spring meal planning.

Spring Peas for Spring: Making the Most of a Small Vegetable

Spring peas are small but mighty. Frozen peas and other canned versions of this versatile veggie do not do the fresh, spring peas justice. Rich in crucial antioxidants, spring peas are easy to incorporate into other, larger meals with little to no effort. Beta carotene works to provide vitamin A to the body, meaning that a helping of spring peas could improve eyesight, skin health, and the immune system. Likewise, lutein is an excellent deterrent for cataracts and other eye issues as the body ages, meaning that some sweet peas on the plate can mean good things for years to come.

Asparagus: The Total Package

The benefits of artichokes and sweet peas are all available to those who eat asparagus. One of the more popular veggies for grilling and seasonal eating, asparagus is the total package. Fiber and vitamin E are bountiful in asparagus, as is folate. Folate is the key to healthy cell production, helping to lower cancer risk and increase immune system strength.

Even the healthiest diets can improve with these super veggies. As Spring keeps on rolling into Summer, keep these three options in mind for enhanced mental and physical health.