The Truth About Women’s Related Health Myths

Women are constantly being told advice, tips, and old wives’ tales about how they should and shouldn’t care for themselves. From avoiding cancer to losing weight – it seems like the myths never end. While some of that advice may hold truth behind it, it turns out much of what we’re told could be leading us down the wrong path. Today, it’s finally time to debunk those myths once and for all!

Weightlifting Leads to Masculine-Looking Bulk

Many women stick to cardio at the gym because they fear that weightlifting will create a masculine bulk to their shape. While weightlifting does build muscle, it turns out that masculine bulk is nowhere in your near future. Men actually have higher levels of testosterone that lead to more defined muscles. When women weightlift 2-3 times a week, it simply improves muscle tone without creating a defined set of abs or arms. In fact, the extra tone will increase your metabolism and make losing weight easier!

Heart Disease is a Man’s Disease

Many people associate heart disease with mean, but the truth is, more women suffer from it each year than men. One in three women dies from heart disease each year. With a statistic that high, it’s time this myth is put to rest. Women should begin making lifestyle changes to lower their risk of heart disease. Obesity, hypertension, and diabetes are a few of the biggest causes in the US.

Wearing a bra can lead to breast cancer

You’ve likely heard the old wives’ tale that bras cause breast cancer, which is one of the more ridiculous rumors related . While no one likes to wear a bra, and you definitely don’t have to, a fear of breast cancer shouldn’t be keeping you away from your bras. Alcohol and a high BMI put women at a much higher risk for breast cancer than wearing a bra does, but many fewer people seem to talk about those risk factors! Make healthy choices and get mammograms each year starting at age 45 to protect yourself against breast cancer.

UTIs Can be Cured at Home

Many women believe that if they get a UTI, chugging cranberry juice is the quickest cure. The bacteria that cause a UTI shows no signs of leaving from cranberry juice alone. An antibiotic will be needed to cure the infection. Trying to treat the symptoms at home with cranberry juice and water will only allow the infection to get worse and, in some cases, spread to your kidneys. If you suspect you’re suffering from a UTI, make an appointment with your physician or nearest urgent care center right away.