School Safety Tips

As a school administrator, it’s your first priority to make schools as safe as possible for your faculty and students. It can be hard to keep up on safety and security procedures, especially in larger schools, but there are some easy to implement tips you can use to make your school safer this year. Let’s take a closer look at a few of those tips.

Improve School Security

Improving the security within your school should be the main focus this school year. Consider getting ID badges for all students and personnel that must be checked before entering into the building. Your main office should have a procedure for screening non-ID carrying individuals trying to enter the school and a temporary ID if they are granted access. In addition to these badges, your schools’ windows and door locks should be regularly checked for signs of tampering and to ensure they’re in working condition. School should be a safe place for students without the worry of people coming in who shouldn’t be there.

Have Student Services Available

The majority of students who act out against their classmates with mass violence have been victims of depression and bullying. To help these students find healthy coping mechanisms, it’s essential to have staff available the counsel the troubled students. Bully-prevention procedures should be put in place, and your teachers should be educated on what signs of depression to look out for in students. If you or a staff member suspects a child is upset, they should receive counseling to find a solution to the problem. This same counseling should be available to all staff within the school.

Have A Plan

All schools should have definite plans in safe for various safety procedures. These procedures may include fire, tornado, earthquake, and more. The safety drills and procedures should be regularly and randomly practiced, ensuring that both students and staff know what to do in a crisis situation. Many schools have no decided to implement active shooter drills as well, which can help to give everyone a sense of relief and preparedness with recent events.
Safety procedure and tips should be updated every year to see the best results possible, but these tips are useful to revisit each year and even each grading period. Consider reaching out to students to see how they think safety could improve within the school, they may have an interesting take that you wouldn’t have thought of!