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Which sunblock should you use to prevent sunburn?

Sunburn & sunblock

This summer is known for beach time, water parks, tanning & unfortunately sunburn! We should know to always apply sunblock when you are going to be outside for a while. Sunburn occurs when we are exposed to the suns rays for a long period of time. The suns rays are composed of  UV light (UVA&UVB), which is radiation. If we are exposed to this radiation for too long we get burned.  The proper way to block the suns rays is to use sunblock every 15-20 mins.

Why isn’t my sunblock working?

Have you ever put sunblock on every 15-20 mins & you still got burned? Not only is it important to apply sunblock but it is also important to apply the correct sunblock. Every sunblock has an SPF number on it. The SPF means sun protective factor & the number is the amount of time you need before reapplying. The higher the number the stronger the sunblock. However, if you go in the water or are sweating a lot, chances are your sunblock is wearing off.

What are the different types of sunblock

There are 2 different types of sunblock, one that uses a different form of chemicals to make a protective layer of the UV rays., The other type of sunblock uses natural minerals. In recent studies, a scientist has found that chemical sunblocks hurt the environment. Coral Reef’s are being destroyed by the amount of polution from these sunblocks. Mineral sunblocks are not as strong as the chemical sunblocks but they are better for the environment.