3 Reasons why you should Vaccinate your child


Would you let your child in a car with no seat belt? Ride a bike with no helmet? These answers may be obvious because these things protect our children from harm.  A vaccination is a very important way to protect your child from dangerous diseases. Old diseases form the 1800’s haven’t gone away. By Vaccinating your child you are protecting their lives.


Vaccinations are safe & extremely effective! Although vaccinations will involve some sort of discomfort such as redness, swelling, slight fever. However, this is only the body going through the process of adapting to killing off the already dead virus that was injected into the body.


Immunization not only protects your child but also protects everyone in the family. When your child is vaccinated it protects the family by not allowing dangerous diseases to enter the household.  This can also protect future generations. Eventually, after enough generations get vaccinated the future generations won’t even have too! Their bodies will have adapted to a point where they come equipped to fight off these diseases without the help of vaccinations.

Here at AFC Urgent Care, we encourage parents to get their children vaccinated! Also, we are having back to school Vaccinations to make sure your children are prepared for the new year!