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Injuries We Treat: Sprained Ankles

nike-1271624_1920Along with the new school year already starting in most parts of the country, the fall sports season is almost underway. Sprained ankles occur at all skill levels, from pick-up games to the collegiate championships, and in some cases happen when you’re just walking down the street.

A sprained ankle occurs when a person lands on their ankle awkwardly, which causes the foot to “roll” or “twist”. Healthy ligaments restrict the movement of the bones within the joint, but when your ankle rolls the ligaments inside that hold the bones in place are stretched or torn. This is the cause of the severe pain a person feels when they roll their ankle.

Out of all sports related injuries, sprained ankles are one of, if not the most common. To help prevent them, athletes tape their ankles, wear high-topped athletic shoes, and make sure to stretch before physical activity. However, preventative measures cannot stop all injuries, which is why it is important to have a go-to professional ready to provide treatment.

AFC Doctors Express Dedham is able to provide all patients with treatment for sprained ankles, or other common sports injuries. Our center is equipped with an on-site X-Ray machine to help determine the severity of the sprain or if there is further damage. Our staff of board certified medical professionals are able to stabilize the sprained ankle with a splint, if necessary, and in some extreme cases provide medication to help ease the pain.

Please call our center at 781-461-0200 for more information or stop in person – no appointment necessary!