Swimmer’s Ear Prevention

While enjoying your summer vacation, take the time to read up on some information on swimmer’s ear and how you can prevent it from happening to you, or your children. The cause of swimmer’s ear is when too much moisture has gathered within your ear canal, causing bacteria to grow and cause infection. The reason why it is so common during the summer months is because people will retreat to the beaches and pools to go swimming and the hot and humid temps will cause moisture to collect in your ears.

Here are some tips on how you can prevent swimmer’s ear;

  • Use water plugs for your ears if you are prone to ear infections. This will decrease your chance of water getting into your ear and it will keep your ears dry.
  • If you get water in your ear, do not stick a Q-Tip or your finger into your ear to try and get it out. This may cause the water to go further into your ear. Also, do not try to hold your nose and blow out the water; this can cause severe ear drum damage. Try shaking your head to the side to try and get the water out.
  • Preventative ear drops can be purchased over the counter, or a combination of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar will help as well. This will help the water evaporate if it gets into your ear.